[Distutils] setuptools: Missing unmanaged module warning; Failed SVN cleanup; Wrong version in .egg name

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Nov 1 02:05:40 CET 2005

At 11:25 PM 10/31/2005 +0000, John J Lee wrote:

>I eagerly anticipate the day when .require() installs at the start of

It's not going to do that, but as of 0.6a6 eggs are placed before the 
directory that *contains* them on sys.path.  So, if you require an egg 
that's in site-packages, it will be added just before site-packages in 
sys.path, thus preventing unmanaged packages from interfering.

>   Do I understand correctly that, when this happens, we will in
>practice be able to do
>import smth
>and be confident that we do indeed have module smth version 1.1?

That's the case now; it's just that you can always get a 
DistributionNotFound (if it's not available) or a VersionConflict (if 
another version has already been activated).

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