[Distutils] subway setup.py failure

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Nov 16 19:15:59 CET 2005

At 05:55 PM 11/16/2005 +0000, Robin Becker wrote:
>I'm getting this strangness from the subway setup script.
>Installed C:\Python\Lib\site-packages\FormEncode-0.3-py2.4.egg
>Processing dependencies for FormEncode>=0.2.2
>Searching for CherryPy>=2.1.0
>Reading http://www.python.org/pypi/CherryPy/
>Reading http://www.cherrypy.org
>Reading http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=56099
>Best match: CherryPy 2.1.0-rc2
>error: Unexpected HTML page found at
>It seems that easy_install isn't picking up from SF right now and in 
>addition it
>hasn't noticed that the latest version is now 2.1.0.

Setuptools reads '2.1.0-rc2' as "2.1.0 with patch/branch rc2", not "2.1.0 
release candidate 2" (which is spelled '2.1.0rc2' or '2.1.0.rc2').  In 
other words  2.1.0rc2 < 2.1.0 < 2.1.0-rc2.  (The most popular use of '-' in 
version numbers is to separate a patch level or distro-specific 
branch/port, and such versions are *after* the version that they amend.)

As for the SF issue, the code in setuptools/package_index.py is:

                 # Check for a SourceForge header
                 elif sf_url:
                     if re.search(r'^<HTML><HEAD>', line, re.I):
                         continue    # skip first line
                     elif re.search(r'<TITLE>Select a Mirror for File:',line):

You can change this as a temporary workaround:

                 # Check for a SourceForge header
                 elif sf_url:
                     if True:

I'll try to get a more robust fix out promptly, and I'll try to make it 
resilient against future skin changes by SourceForge.

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