[Distutils] formencode as .egg in Debian ??

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Nov 23 01:21:18 CET 2005

At 11:51 PM 11/22/2005 +0000, John J Lee wrote:
>1. Does the above affect your concern about reading many zip files?
>2. I understand your concern about memory usage (though the above seems to
>make it a non-issue in practice, if used sensibly), but I must have missed
>the argument you made for setuptools and/or Python Eggs being problematic
>for distributors such as Debian and Gentoo.  What specifically is/are the
>problem(s)?  It seems at least two distributions are already actively
>moving towards use of Python Eggs, so it would be good to inform those
>distributors of any problem you see before they get too far.

Actually, the .egg-info approach that Ian reminded me of should alleviate 
*all* the concerns raised so far, although it requires more hands-on 
management of the package definitions.  However, if the Debian packagers 
don't care about this (it's likely no significant change for the better or 
worse compared to what they have to do already), then they can take a pass 
altogether on the file/directory issues, at the cost of slowing down tools 
that actually *do* use eggs.

The tradeoff is that .egg-info files have to have their PKG-INFO files 
opened and read in order to do dependency processing....  but actually, if 
they created full ProjectName-Version.egg-info directories, this issue 
could actually be bypassed as well.  Hm.  Yes, that's even better.  I 
didn't think of this before because the normal use of .egg-info directories 
is for "packaging" a source tree as an egg, and you don't want to have to 
rename the directory every time the version changes.  But for a system 
packager, this isn't an issue.

So, I guess for packaging tools that can't support multiple versions being 
installed (or don't desire to), the .egg-info approach allows them to 
precisely preserve the status quo with respect to the implementation 
tradeoffs, without hurting anybody or breaking anything.

Now that it's clear to me that we can skirt the performance issue for 
.egg-info directories, it seems reasonable to recommend this approach as a 
low-risk way for system vendors to support Python eggs, and to provide a 
way for them to expose metadata for their existing Python packages in a way 
that setuptools-based packages can use - just make a 
Project-Version.egg-info directory with a PKG-INFO in it, added to 
site-packages along with the actual package installation.

Indeed, it seems like it would be reasonable to propose that perhaps the 
normal distutils install process could provide this additional metadata, 
which would then eliminate the need for any repackaging or upgrades to any 
tools that already use "setup.py install" to create their packages.  This 
would address things like ElementTree, which isn't inherently egg-based, 
but which people would like to depend on without having to rely on a 
platform-specific packaging tool to resolve the dependency "out of band".

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