[Distutils] .egg in Debian summary?

Bob Tanner tanner at real-time.com
Wed Nov 23 07:17:48 CET 2005

Bob Tanner wrote:

>> I don't think Debian should use the egg structure. It apparently relies
>> on building a long sys.path (even though through only a single .pth
>> file);
> I'm not sure of how .eggs are implemented, but I'm going to cross-post
> this info to the python-distutils mailing list.

Read and re-read the complete thread regarding .eggs in Debian and I cannot
tell if any progress has been made.

Still in the discussion/fact-finding stage?

As "just a package maintainer" I was looking for the "options" to move
forward. Looking at the thread, I think these are the options (skipping the
pro's and con's for now):

1. Do nothing, go with the status quo as documented in the Debian python
policy, which is no .egg's and unpackage everything into a sub-directory of

2. Investigate easydeb <http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/easydeb/>

3. Using Phillip's .egg-info solution

Any others?
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