[Distutils] formencode as .egg in Debian ??

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 17:10:59 CET 2005

As a person who works as a packager with a debian based distribution (fink
on Mac OSX) I am glad to see this discussion.  I have no personal opinion
about python eggs, but would really like to find a way to get some nice
packages into the system and have been totally unable to figure out how to
deal with eggs.

I see the point of allowing developers to have multiple versions of packages
when testing, but we definitely want to avoid that in the actual fink tree
at all costs.  It would be great to have a build system that can switch
between what we need as stable distribution packagers and what people
want/need in their local trees.  My hope is that eggs in the long run can
help the packagers track dependencies, but still let the packagers handle
those dependencies.

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