[Distutils] Easy install, making "Traditional" PYTHONPATH-based Installation work better

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun Feb 5 20:42:03 CET 2006

At 02:16 PM 2/5/2006 -0500, Jim Fulton wrote:
>It's too bad setuptools isn't in the standard library. If it was, I'd
>probably just stick all my eggs and scripts in the same place and be
>done ith it. :)  It's still tempting.

Note that it's only actually necessary for *pkg_resources* to be 
importable; you don't have to have all of setuptools.  If you installed 
pkg_resources.py to your target directory, your whole plan would work just 

By the way, note that if people are developing from source, you probably 
want to use 'setup.py develop' rather than 'easy_install', since it allows 
you to edit the code and continue to run.  The 'develop' command should 
work the same with all this, just make sure there's a pkg_resources.py in 
the target directory when you actually run your scripts.

Indeed, given your requirements as I understand them, that should really be 
all you need.  You don't need a custom site-dirs, you need only configure 
the installation directory (--install-dir) for easy_install and 
develop.  Develop inherits configuration from easy_install, so a 
~/.pydistutils.cfg like this:

    install_dir = wherever

should do the trick as long as wherever/pkg_resources.py exists.

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