[Distutils] paster.py failure on WinXP

Ger Flanagan grflanagan at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 17 17:46:56 CET 2006

Hello all

I posted the following message to the 'pylons-discuss'
newsgroup, but maybe someone here can help, as I think
it's related to setuptools?  (Myghty installed the
package 'setuptools-0.6a5-py2.4.egg') 



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Hello all

If this is off-topic, I apologise in advance.

I'm interested in Pylons but I thought I'd check out
Myghty first - I
installed the latest version (Myghty-1.0.1 on Windows
XP) and I can run
the example shoppingcart application with no problems.
 However when I
try to create a simple test app of my own using the
'paster.py' script,
I get this error:

>C:\DEVELOPMENT\myghty\test>paster create
--template=myghty_simple simple

C:\Program: can't open file
'Files\Python\Python24\python.exe': [Errno
2] No such file or directory

As you can see, the location of my 'python.exe' is

    C:\Program Files\Python\Python24

but it looks like the space in the path may be causing
a problem. (This
has never been a problem before).

I see that Pylons has a 'paster' command - presumably
this is the same
script that comes with the Myghty installation - has
anyone come across

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.


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