[Distutils] should I use distutils for a gnome-applet?

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Mon Nov 13 16:02:55 CET 2006

Jorge Vargas wrote:
>> zc.buildout has some facilities for automating build of components using
>> "CMMI" (configure + make + make install) in conjunction with setuptools.
> I though zc goal was to build zope apps,

zc.buildout really has two goals:

1. Automate system assembly

2. Provide more control over assembly of Python

The systems we assemble often include non-python applications,
such as ldap servers or spread daemons.  For this use case,
zc.buildout takes the roll of make accept that it does less.
It makes no attempt to do the sort of fine-grained depedency
analysis that make does.  zc.buildout's main improvement over
make is the use of Python as it's scripting language.

> on the other hand how much of
> a footprint do you actually need for ac.buildout package? do you need
> to distribute the whole package bungle with the install?

I'm not sure what package you are refering to.  To use zc.buildout,
you'll need zc.buildout and setuptools, which it depends on. Neither
of these are large.

BTW, I'm doing experiments with using zc.buildout to generate RPMs
for deployment.  In this experiment our goal is to install software
via RPMs and to perform configuration, including installation of
processes such as Zope and database processes dynamically.  The software
I install includes zc.buildout with enough recipes that I can use
zc.buildout to install and update process configurations on demand.


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