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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Dec 12 18:11:45 CET 2007

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Tarek Ziadé wrote:
> Hello
> We are happily using zc.buildout to deploy our Python softwares (mainly
> zope) in production.
> The offline mode is very helpfull to create a media with a prepared buildout
> to deploy the thing on a server that has no web access (this is most of the
> time the case i guess)
> Now I am working on the best ways to prepare upgrades for the production and
> I try to find a way to avoid recreating a big tarball again just for a few
> changes.
> My guess is that a snapshot of the download-cache and eggs directory is
> enough, so a diff can be made to "upgrade" a production server with a
> tarball of the two directories and the new .cfg
> But I was wondering if someone had similar experiences already, and maybe a
> simple, better way ?
> Thanks

I would avoid "upgrade in place" scenarios for production use:  roll an
entirely new deployment into a separate directory, use repozo to dump
and reload the ZODB, bring up the new version, test, then switch the
port numbers.

Just my USD 0.02,

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