[Distutils] easy_install of django sdist tarball omits data files

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Dec 21 21:07:53 CET 2007

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Noah Gift wrote:
>> I did find one recent argument for revisiting that decision, which also
>> provides an alternate easy_install-compatible setup.py:
>>  http://jannisleidel.com/2007/11/using-django-with-setuptools/
>> Tres.
> I also like Ian's suggestion:
> With a little hack you can use setuptools with distutils setup.py's.
> Setuptools monkeypatches distutils.core.setup(), so anything run after you
> import setuptools gets all the setuptools features. To make use of this you
> can do:
> python -c "import setuptools, os; __file__=os.path.abspath('setup.py');
> execfile('setup.py')" develop
> Or whatever command you want to run.
> Comment by Ian Bicking <http://blog.ianbicking.org/> — November 26,
> 2007 @ 10:09
> pm<http://jannisleidel.com/2007/11/using-django-with-setuptools/#comment-29>

That didn't resolve the problem, but it did mvoe it around:  I can get
to the 'admin' application at that point, but the "root" page is busted,
with the following error:

 Page not found (404)
 Request Method: 	GET
 Request URL: 	http://localhost:8000/

 Using the URLconf defined in rztest.urls, Django tried these URL
 patterns, in this order:

    1. ^admin/

 The current URL, /, didn't match any of these.

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