[Distutils] setuptools controversy (was Re: Prototype setuptools-specific PyPI index.)

Fred Drake fdrake at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 23:08:11 CEST 2007

On 7/23/07, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
> However, I'm entirely reconciled to it being controversial.  It is in
> fact impossible to have a significant impact on *anything* without
> creating controversy, as anyone involved with the history of Zope
> should be well aware.  ;-)

Our level of expertise in that is certainly substantial.  :-)

> Usually, people think they can get away with making "simpler"
> versions of Zope because they don't understand the full range of
> requirements which it is intended to meet.  The situation with
> setuptools is much the same, except that sometimes now it's the Zope
> folks making the accusations of too many features, excess complexity,
> evil, etc.  :)

I don't think I made an accusation myself.  My concern is fed by my
belief that setuptools tries to improve on distutils in many different
ways, some of which seem better suited to separate tools.

I've no problem with you disagreeing with me on this.  :-)


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