[Distutils] Enabling local distutils.cfg usage

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Sep 26 21:47:05 CEST 2007

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When building a virtual environment, I'd like to be able to store
global distutils configuration options which are custom to that
environment.  However, both setuptools and distutils expect to
read / write that file relative to the directory of
'distutils.__file__', which is located in the *source*
environment under virtualenv 0.8.4::

  $ ~/projects/source/bin/virtualenv /tmp/virtual
  New python executable in /tmp/virtual/bin/python
  Installing setuptools.............done.
  $ cd /tmp/virtual/
  $ bin/python -c "import distutils; print distutils.__file__"

The simplest way I can think of to make 'distutils.__file__'
local to the virtual environment is to make an empty local
'distutils' package, which pulls in the source version by hacking
'__path__'.  However, because the virtual environment forces the
'real_prefix' library so high in the path, I also need to hack my
own library in higher (in 'sitecustomize.py')::

  $ patch -p1 < ../local_distutils.patch
  patching file lib/python2.4/distutils/__init__.py
  patching file lib/python2.4/sitecustomize.py
  $ bin/python -c "import distutils; print distutils.__file__"

Probably it would make more sense to fix the path in the SITE_PY
inside virtualenv's support-files;  virtualenv could then just
make the near-empty local 'distutils' package with the correct

I have attached the patch I used to fix up the local environment
('local_distutils.patch' in the example above).


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