[Distutils] Git plugin for setuptools

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Sep 27 20:09:21 CEST 2007

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At 12:54 PM 9/27/2007 -0400, Yannick Gingras wrote:

>   I coded a Git plugin for Setuptools.  I posted to the distutils
>mailing list but my message doesn't seem to show up.  A spam filter
>must have eaten it.
>The plugin is here:
>   http://ygingras.net/files/gitlsfiles-0.1.1.tar.gz
>   http://ygingras.net/files/gitlsfiles-0.1.1-py2.4.egg
>   http://ygingras.net/files/gitlsfiles-0.1.1-py2.5.egg
>I tested it, so did a random beta tester on #python.  Could you review
>it?  It's really simple.  If it looks good, should I distribute it
>as-is or would it be best to merge it in the Setuptools distrubution?

Distribution would be best; I don't want setuptools invoking 
executables on the off-chance that they're installed.  It would add 
overhead to every operation.  To be considered for inclusion in 
setuptools proper, I would need it to perform all its operations 
without needing an external program, and a reference to the file 
format it's using so I don't end up having to support it with no idea 
how it works.

For separately distributed file-finder plugins, it's okay for them to 
depend on external programs, since presumably a user who installs the 
plugin has the needed programs.

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