[Distutils] patch: ez_setup.py: separate default version and minimum version of setuptools

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Sep 28 21:31:31 CEST 2007

> Not so: use_setuptools("0.6a9", "http://some.where/to/download/ 
> eggs/"), where the URL is the base URL of a download location.   
> It's true that this requires you to *have* an egg for the version  
> in question, and make it available to download somewhere, but at  
> that point you get a usable result.

Agreed.  So in order to automatically satisfy our dependency on  
simplejson using simplejson's source tarballs, we can either ask Bob  
Ippolito (the author and packager of simplejson) to please switch to  
the patched version of ez_setup.py and pass min_version="0.6a9" to  
it, or else we can ask him to please set his version="0.6a9" and  
start hosting setuptools 0.6a9 eggs for his users.

Do I correctly understand those options?

Thank you for your time.



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