[Distutils] [buildout] private eggs and egg repositories

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 18:59:20 CET 2008

Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Well, no answer from Jim or pycrypto's maintainer. I eventually found 
>> these:
> I didn't notice that message.

No worries, so I take it you guys do just install pycrypto manually on 

>> - I still get the following warning whenever I run buildout:
>> Download error: unknown url type: sftp -- Some packages may not be found!
>>  Is that expected?
> Yes.  It's looking for the latest version of the extension, which it 
> needs to interpret sftp links. :)

That's a shame :-S I guess it's a bit chicken'n'egg, pardon the pun...
So, safe to ignore though, right?

> It might be interesting to see if the buildoutsftp extension could set 
> the logging level of the paramiko logger to be different but relative to 
> the top-level logging level.

I guess just bumping up the log level on that specific logger should be 
pretty easy and not really have any side effects.

>> - most seriously, buildout now seems to hang when it's almost done. 
>> I'm guessing this is the same windows-specific behaviour I mentioned 
>> before (seems to be to do with spawned processes) although this one is 
>> onyl escaped from with a Ctrl-C. Anyone else seen this?
> No.  But a colleague reports hanging on resource-challenged VMs.  There 
> might be a resource issue affecting you.

It's a "real machine" with not a lot else going on so I'd be surprised :-S



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