[Distutils] Msgfmt in distutils?

Andrew Price andy at andrewprice.me.uk
Wed Oct 1 21:01:10 CEST 2008


On 01/10/08 15:35, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
> -On [20081001 16:28], Toshio Kuratomi (a.badger at gmail.com) wrote:
>> This has been a big deal for some applications I work on.  Our first cut
>> was to add new Build and InstallData command classes.
> Actually with Babel (http://babel.edgewall.org/) that's all handled.

I came across Babel during my search for a solution before writing my
original post. But for relatively small projects such as mine, it seems
overkill to depend on something as large as Babel just for installing
message catalogues when distutils already does everything else I want to
do, hence my original query.

I've since added some code to my setup.py which adds a build_mo command
and adds .mo installation to the install command. It'll probably need a
bit more development for systems with which I'm not familiar but it's
doing what I need for now. It still would be "killer" for this
functionality to be handled in distutils.


Andy Price

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