[Distutils] [Python Language Summit] Distutils / Packaging survey

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Feb 3 07:04:59 CET 2009

Ben Finney wrote:
> Instead, you're being asked only to determine which category a file
> belongs to; and those categories are (modulo some historical quirks,
> due to David's obvious strong preference for the C-language-focussed
> ‘autoconf’) mostly about the *purpose* of a file — precisely to allow
> that determination to be made without the same person needing to know
> about install locations.

I've just found out that cabal ("distutils for haskell") supports most
of those options, BTW:


And haskell is not really a C-language-focused language :) I don't know
anything about haskell, but it may be interesting to look at how they
are doing things,


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