[Distutils] How to find the default values for --find-links

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Mar 5 18:55:50 CET 2009

At 05:27 PM 3/5/2009 +0000, Fadhley Salim wrote:
>In an automated build environment I need to be able to make eggs which
>depend on non-released "testing" eggs. These are all published to a
>web-server operated by my team.
>I know that it's possible to globally change the default URLs of the
>"--find-links" easy_install option by editing the distutils.cfg file,
>however I want a fully automated process which will validate a system's
>configuration and determine if the test-egg URL have been added to the
>system. If not, I want my build process to fail with an explicit error
>Other than by directly inspecting and parsing this file, is there a
>programatic way to find which hosts have been configured in the
>distutils.cfg file? Ideally I'd like to access this information via

It's not available there.  You would need to create an easy_install 
command instance and inspect its find_links attribute.  Something like:

   ei = makeSetup().get_command_obj('easy_install')
   print ei.find_links

See the 'makeSetup()' function in setuptools/tests/__init__.py for 
how to do the equivalent.

(Now, if what you're really asking is, can you tell whether a 
specific version of an egg is available on sys.path, you can 
certainly do that by checking 
pkg_resources.require('projectname')[0].version to see if it's the 
version you want.)

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