[Distutils] SIP/PyQt and distutils

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at jeremysanders.net
Sun Sep 27 11:46:48 CEST 2009

Hi - I feel like I'm in maze of twisty passages trying to get my SIP/PyQt 
extension to play nicely with distutils. Most of the package is pure Python, 
but I have one standard C extension and a new SIP one I have added to the 

I need to be able to compile C++ files with the compiler and all its 
arguments specified for the SIP extension. Is there any way to do this with 
distutils? I've gone through the sourcecode and can't see an obvious way to 
do this without hacking it completely. distutils compiles C++ files with gcc 
(not g++) and uses invalid compiler arguments on this Ubuntu system.

Alternatively, SIP makes a nice Makefile which works. Can I run make as part 
of the build process and add the object file to distutils list of files to 
be installed?

Are there any better options than distutils?


jeremy at jeremysanders.net

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