[Distutils] buildout: bootstrap.py in 1.5.0b1 + python 2.5

Rodrigo Moraes rodrigo.moraes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 18:08:38 CEST 2010

After a little more investigation, it seems that the problem is caused
by adding the -S flag to python. After I commented out this part of
the code:

# In order to be more robust in the face of system Pythons, we want to
# run without site-packages loaded.  This is somewhat tricky, in
# particular because Python 2.6's distutils imports site, so starting
# with the -S flag is not sufficient.  However, we'll start with that:
if 'site' in sys.modules:
    # We will restart with python -S.
    args = sys.argv[:]
    args[0:0] = [sys.executable, '-S']
    args = map(quote, args)
    os.execv(sys.executable, args)

...it now works with python 2.5. I'm not sure about the implications
of this change, though.

-- rodrigo

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