[Distutils] using distribute instead of distutils

Jean Daniel jeandaniel.browne at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 17:20:01 CET 2010


I am writing a pure python module called wordish, which is similar to
doctest in that it test snippets of code, parsed from an rst article
and produce a report. wordish is available on Pypi in version 1.0 and
the documentation is available at jdb.github.com/wordish.

So far, I only distributed one file, *wordish.py* and the file was used
like the following::

    python -m wordish my_article.rst

I think I will turn to 'distribute' for the future release so that
console entry points can be created automatically and installed in the
shell path. I would like wordish to be used in this way::

    wordish my_article.rst

I have read the documentation for distutils, distribute but still, but the
overlap that the tools, and the problems that each tool solve. Can
my setup.py support the installation of the following files, or should they
be included in debian/fedora packages instead?

1. few examples files?

2. static html documentation files?

3. man pages for the console scripts?

Also, I upload a source distribution (sdist) to the Python Package

4. should I use an *egg* instead? what does it change for me or
    the users?

Thanks for your help,

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