[Distutils] dependencies, pip and non-PyPI-hosted packages

Ernesto Posse eposse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 19:42:00 CEST 2011

Hi I have a couple of packages that I don't want to upload to PyPI
just yet but they are hosted some other place, and one (project2)
depends on the other (project1). I've packaged them using the standard
distutils setup.

For project1, setup.py contains:

  setup(name='project1', ..., requires=[], provides=['project1'], ...)

and for project2, setup.py contains:

  setup(name='project2', ..., requires=['project1'], provides=['project2'], ...)

I put them in some host https://my.host.org/repository, but when I run

  pip install -f https://my.host.org/repository project2

installs project2 correctly, but it does not install project1.

So my first question is: is the 'requires' keyword in setup.py
actually used when installing packages? or it only works for projects
hosted on PyPI?


Ernesto Posse

Modelling and Analysis in Software Engineering
School of Computing
Queen's University - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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