[Distutils] "buildout-versions" not showing pinned versions

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Wed Aug 17 13:32:35 CEST 2011

Op 17-08-11 05:32, B.Nanda Kishore schreef:
> Well that was something new for me. Having two versions of the same
> package in
> the same buildout file.
> Actually I was installing a few distributions in my workplace. So some
> distros have
> version pinned in their setup.py install_requires section, and when I
> run the buildout
> expecting the versions to be printed, its not printing those alone. So
> mentioning the version
> was not in the buildout file originally, but I see your point of putting
> them in [versions] section.
> But tell me this. In the above example(pinning a version number in
> install_requires section of setup.py)
> expecting the version of the package to be printed is a valid usecase
> right ? Is it not ? I know from the
> example which you gave previously there seems to be some ambiguity from
> which version to pick if
> there are multiple versions. right ? Thats why its left out or ?

The goal of buildout-versions (or its cousin 
buildout.dumppickedversions) is to list all packages that are not 
pinned.   When a package is not pinned, buildout picks the most recent 
version.  That may work today and fail horribly tomorrow if this 
unpinned package is updated in backwards incompatible ways.

If buildout-versions prints anything I consider this an error in my 
buildout.  If I agree the correct versions have been picked I add the 
printed versions to the [versions] section, rerun the buildout and now 
buildout-versions should not print anything anymore.

In other words: buildout-versions does not print all versions, just the 
not-pinned ones that buildout has picked.  Like Chris said, this is 

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