[Distutils] Name the software! Package quality tester.

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 09:46:44 CET 2011

I've started working on a little utility to give a quality rating on
packages, expressed in 0-10 points, and also in cheese types,
according to smellyness.

It's going to check for things like that it has all meta data it
should have, such as author_email, specifies Python versions via the
trove classifiers (currently works) and that it specifies all
dependencies (still todo). It will support both checking on a package
(works currently) a distribution file and PyPI (still to do).

It's not a uniqe idea, it overlaps with Andreas Jungs
zopyx.trashfinder in scope, and it will also in the case of checking a
package on PyPI check that there are several people that have owner
access, and hence include the functionality of mr.parker. (In fact
when checking on PyPI it will also check if there are documentation on
packages.python.org, that the distribution files are uploaded to PyPI,
etc, but this is all still todo). But I didn't find anything else, and
I wanted bigger scopes than both these in what to check in and which

But, before I move this to a public repository and upload it to PyPI,
there is one important thing to be determined: What should it be
called? Currently I'm calling it "pypilib.quality". I don't mind this
kind of boring names, but there is currently not a pypilib namespace,
and I don't want to just create top level namespaces left and right
for no reason. So other names are welcome. It doesn't have to have a
namespace either.

In the long run I would not mind to see this utility integrated into a
general pypi/cheeseshop script with other utility commands, which even
could include installing and removing, thusly giving Perl people what
they think they want a "CPAN" for Python. :-)

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