[Distutils] pythonv, take two

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Mar 17 04:04:46 CET 2011

On Mar 16, 2011, at 10:33 PM, Carl Meyer wrote:

>I've pushed this symlink/copy binary approach to the "pythonv2" branch
>at http://bitbucket.org/carljm/cpythonv. I was a bit shocked at how easy
>it turned out to be: just a few lines in site.py and the same changes to
>sysconfig.py as previously. No changes in C code needed at all. It was
>so easy I'm wondering what I must have missed, but everything seems to
>work well. Please try it and tell me what I missed!

Seems to work for me (on Linux at least :)!  Really brilliant work, Carl.

>To try it out, create a directory somewhere with a bin/ subdirectory,
>symlink or copy (it works either way) the python3 binary from an install
>of the pythonv2 branch into bin/, and create lib/python3.3/site-packages
>in the virtualenv. Create "pythonv.conf" in the root of the virtualenv -
>it can be empty if you want full isolation; if you want the system
>site-packages too you can add a [pythonv] section with
>"include-system-site=True" (it's a ConfigParser-style file). Start up
>your binary and check sys.path. You can download distribute and "python
>setup.py install" that into your virtualenv and then easy_install more
>stuff into your env.
>At this point, unless the lack of LD_LIBRARY_PATH is actually a blocker,
>I can't see any reason not to go with this approach instead.

+1.  Time for a PEP?


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