[Distutils] Need some advice on extending install_data

Robert Park rbpark at exolucere.ca
Sat May 12 10:58:38 CEST 2012

So, I'm using distutils with some success lately, and I've borrowed
some code that extends install_data to compile .po (translation) files
into .mo files to be used by the system to display the translated
strings. It looks like this:


It seems fairly straightforward to me and there's only a tiny amount
of magic involved.

However, upon testing this, I've discovered this behavior:

1. When running `setup.py install`, the mo files are correctly
compiled and installed to the system.

2. When running `setup.py bdist`, the resulting tarball will correctly
compile and include the mo files for distribution.

3. When running `setup.py bdist_rpm`, the resulting RPM file does not
contain any trace of any .po or .mo files.

I'm not sure why bdist_rpm is the odd man out here, but it seems like
I'm overlooking something simple. Unfortunately the API reference
seems a little light on details:


So I'm not entirely clear on how I should go about overriding
bdist_rpm to achieve the same thing as is done by overriding
install_data. At this point I am reviewing the distutils source code
directly but it's been less instructive than I'd hoped.

Any ideas?



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