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I'm not sure who owns it yet.
If it is one of us, then it would need to be a group vote to use the pypa
"brand name" like this.
I'll try to get all the pypa people to come here and register their opinion.

here's my personal thoughts:

I understand the motivation to reuse our name, but probably less political
to start a new nifty short name.
"pypack" or something. "pack" as in a group of people, but also short for

In the spirit of the blog post,  here's the 2 doc projects I'd like to see
exist under this new ~"pypack" group account, and be linked to from the
main python docs.

1)  "Python Packaging User Guide":  to replace the unmaintained
Hitchhiker's guide,  or just get permission to copy that in here and get it
up to date and more complete.
2)  "Python Packaging Dev Hub": a simpler name to replace

give the ~10-15 people that are actively involved in the various packaging
projects and PEPs admin/merge access to help maintain these docs.

and then announce this on python-announce as real and supported indirectly
by the PSF.

people will flock IMO to follow it and contribute with pulls and issues


On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 6:39 AM, Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey pip/virtualenv folks, does one of you control the pypa placeholder
> account on BitBucket? (it seems possible, given it was created shortly
> after the Github account).
> I've been pondering the communicating-with-the-broader-community issue
> (especially in relation to
> http://simeonfranklin.com/blog/2013/mar/17/my-pycon-2013-poster/) and
> I'm thinking that the PSF account is the wrong home on BitBucket for
> the meta-packaging documentation repo. The PSF has traditionally been
> hands off relative to the actual development activities, and I don't
> want to change that.
> Instead, I'd prefer to have a separate team account, and also talk to
> Vinay about moving pylauncher and distlib under that account.
> I can create a different account if need be, but if one of you
> controls pypa, then it would be good to use that and parallel the
> pip/virtualenv team account on GitHub. If you don't already control
> it, then I'll write to BitBucket support to see if the account is
> actually being used for anything, and if not, if there's a way to
> request control over it. Failing that, I'll settle for a
> similar-but-different name, but "pypa" is definitely my preferred
> option.
> Regards,
> Nick.
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