[Distutils] DOAP on PyPI

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Sun Mar 30 00:31:43 CET 2014

Hey all!

I was looking at porting more things over to Warehouse (PyPI 2.0) and one of
the things left on the TODO list was the DOAP URLs. I'm not sure why they were
added originally but I'm not entirely sure they add any value to the service.

Looking at the past day's worth of traffic they got ~90k total hits, but almost
all of those 90k hits came from a single IP address using wget. Looking at the
traffic patterns for the accesses from that IP/client it appears to be someone
using wget as a simple mirroring client for PyPI and thus they are picking up
the DOAP URLs because they are linked from the the PyPI pages for those

Further more it appears interest in DOAP as a whole isn't very high, the
GitHub repository [1] has had 10 commits ever, 2 of which are importing the
history of the project 2 years ago, 2 of which are merge commits for two
different pull requests, and the remaining 6 come from the two pull requests.
The mailing list [2] has had no traffic since 2012.

So I would like to remove this functionality from PyPI by not implementing it
in Warehouse. It appears to be practically unused and the DOAP project itself
seems to have stalled or died. Is there anyone depending on DOAP? Would anyone
be upset if this went away?

[1] https://github.com/edumbill/doap
[2] http://lists.usefulinc.com/pipermail/doap-interest/

Donald Stufft
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