[Distutils] devpi-server-2.1.1: replication/url fixes

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed Oct 15 15:26:27 CEST 2014

Hi all,

the caching and private pypi server, devpi-server-2.1.1, is out and
fixes some bugs, see changelog below.

It is fully backward compatible, no export/import cycle required.

For more info, see http://doc.devpi.net.

holger krekel, merlinux GmbH


- fix replication issue reported by a customer: if a replica lags
  behind a master and a file was created and then deleted meanwhile,
  the replica could get stuck with a FileReplicationError.  We now
  let the master report a 410 GONE code so that the replica knows
  it can safely proceed because the file was deleted later anyways.

- generate "systemd" configuration example when "--gen-config" is issued.
  Thanks Pavel Sedlak.

- fix issue109: fix relative URLs in simple index pages and 404 errors on
  uploading toxresults and downloading files when serving under an outside URL
  with a sub path.  Thanks to Joe Holloway for detailed infos.

- drop limitation on maximum documentation size. Body size is now only
  controlled by frontends such as nginx. Thanks Stephan Erb.

- use newer version of virtualenv for jenkins trigger. Thank brunsgaard.

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