[Distutils] [Numpy-discussion] Proposal: stop supporting 'setup.py install'; start requiring 'pip install .' instead

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 08:55:34 EST 2015

On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7 November 2015 at 01:26, Chris Barker - NOAA Federal
> <chris.barker at noaa.gov> wrote:
> > So what IS supposed to be used in the development workflow? The new
> > mythical build system?

I'd like to point out again that this is not just about development
workflow. This is just as much about simply *installing* from a local git
repo, or downloaded sources/sdist.

The "pip install . should reinstall" discussion in
https://github.com/pypa/pip/issues/536 is also pretty much the same

Fair question. Unfortunately, the answer is honestly that there's no
> simple answer - pip is not a bad option, but it's not its core use
> case so there are some rough edges.

My impression is that right now pip's core use-case is not "installing",
but "installing from PyPi (and similar repos". There are a lot of rough
edges around installing from anything on your own hard drive.

> I'd argue that the best way to use
> pip is with pip install -e, but others in this thread have said that
> doesn't suit their workflow, which is fine. I don't know of any other
> really good options, though.
> I think it would be good to see if we can ensure pip is useful for
> this use case as well, all I was pointing out was that people
> shouldn't assume that it "should" work right now, and that changing it
> to work might involve some trade-offs that we don't want to make, if
> it compromises the core functionality of installing packages.

It might be helpful to describe the actual trade-offs then, because as far
as I can tell no one has actually described how this would either hurt
another use-case or make pip internals much more complicated.

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