[Distutils] What role to eggs still play?

Chris Barker - NOAA Federal chris.barker at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 19 18:41:03 EDT 2016

Thanks, I think I'm getting it.

About the toml file... the *-info metadata is a compiled artifact,
according to all the existing Python packages. Most sdists even have a
*.egg-info directory.

If it's a compiled artifact, then shouldn't it NOT be in a source dist?

It is inconvenient if you want to know the true dependencies without
running setup.py.

Isn't that what the toml file is for?

I think we are stuck with it, and it's not all bad - if there is some
useful metadata that doesn't affect the dependency resolver, and it is "too
static" or too cumbersome to write out by hand, there's a place to do that.

I'm trying to imagine what that info would be,  but I suppose there could
be meta data about a package that is generated at build time -- maybe info
about how it was built, for instance.

Hmm -- maybe you could put info in there about non-Python shared libs it's
linked to, for instance.

Eggs are the only way to add a zipped distribution to PYTHONPATH and have
> setuptools find the metadata

Can pip find it in a zipped package? Remember,  I don't care to support
setuptools only features anyway :-)

. Eggs are used by buildout, especially in the unzipped into a directory
> form
And they could still be used for their originally designed use as a plugin
> format.

If pkg_resources gets spun off, would it support that?

 *.egg-info or EGG-INFO is the predecessor of the *.dist-info format
> designed in PEP-376. You get *.egg-info whenever you install something
> with setuptools without going through bdist_wheel.

So setuptools_lite would write a  dist_info.

I take it pip looks for both?
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