[Distutils] Basic Markdown Readme Support

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Tue May 3 08:46:58 EDT 2016

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> From: Nick Coghlan [mailto:ncoghlan at gmail.com]
> As I understand it, it's more a matter of folks finding the context
> switch between Markdown and non-Sphinx reStructuredText a pain (with
> the main differences being double-backticks for inline code and `link
> text <link target>`_ instead of [link text](link target) for
> hyperlinks) and not being aware of (or caring about) the dire lack of
> commercial investment in tooling support for upstream Python software
> distribution (since all the redistributors have their own software
> distribution platforms that they recommend their users use instead).

As someone who writes quite a bit of non-sphinx Restructured Text, and a lot of Markdown (because I have to), I have zero sympathy for the argument of context switching.  I can come up with an overblown analogy, but I will just reduce it to "it's not complicated to keep the two syntaxes straight".

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