[Distutils] Documenting project_urls to suggesting thanking or funding mechanisms

Philip James phildini at phildini.net
Wed Feb 14 13:44:44 EST 2018

Hello distutils-sig! This email comes to you by way of an issue I filed (
https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/issues/1276), the tl:dr; of which is:

I would like it to be easier for packages and package maintainers to
indicate how they want to be thanked or funded for their work. I created
https://pypi.org/project/thanks/ to help with this, but right now it's
reading from a JSON blob maintained by the library. I would prefer to read
from the packages themselves, and the `project_urls` dict seems like a good
place to do so.

Here is an example from the thanks project:

What I am planning to do:
- Update the documentation and sample project with a `Project-URL: Funding`
item, to encourage maintainers to add this information.

What I would love to know from this list:
- What do we think of the name "Funding"? Would you prefer "Thanks"?

Cheers, and thank you for your time.

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