[Doc-SIG] Suggestions for reST "modes"

Tony J Ibbs (Tibs) tony@lsl.co.uk
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 10:48:07 +0100

Garth T Kidd wrote (in response to me):
> > May want to provide lazy indentation::
> Oh, boy, have we been through this in the archives. :)

I know - that's why I said "may"!

> I still think that we can do without the blank line
> between list items without getting
> silly, but it's not exactly keeping me up nights.

Oh - I had it down as one of those "we know how to do this if it's ever
needed, so ignore and/or leave to someone else" issues.

> > Book/paper/document
> > -------------------
> > Some more directives, such as::
> >
> >     .. newpage::
> >
> > will be needed. I suspect that a means of marking Chapter, Appendix,
> > etc., explicitly may be needed [...]
> ``.. section::``, anyone?

I suspect facetiousness (!) but it may come to that. On the other hand,
detecting that the user has said::

	Section: Fred

may be enough - this has the advantage (as I *thought* I said somewhere)
of allowing one also to support::

	Section 3: Fred

when one wants to tie-down a section number (as one does in "proper"
documents, sometimes). I think it looks better with a convention like
this, rather than with directives.

If one is going to discuss the proper uses for David's field labels, and
related concepts, I think this sort of thing will come in as well (must
do that discussion some time).


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