[Doc-SIG] (no subject)

Lucas Bruand Lucas.Bruand@ecl2002.ec-lyon.fr
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 23:35:50 +0200

	In Documenting Python, it is written page 11 :
> \url{url}
> A URL (or URN). The URL will be presented as text. In the HTML and PDF
formatted versions, the URL will
>also be a hyperlink. This can be used when referring to external resourc=
Note that many characters are special
>to L A T E X and this macro does not always do the right thing. In
particular, the tilde character (=91=98=92) is mis-handled;
>encoding it as a hex-sequence does work, use =91%7e=92 in place of the t=

 I don't understand what I should exactly write instead of tilde. ( becau=
%7e counts as a remark nor does \symbol{"7e})

	Thank in advance for helping a beginner in latex,
		Lucas Bruand