[Doc-SIG] LaTeX question

Edward Welbourne Edward Welbourne <eddy@chaos.org.uk>
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 16:05:58 +0100 (BST)

> I don't understand what I should exactly write instead of tilde. (
> because %7e counts as a remark nor does \symbol{"7e})
Have you tried \~{}

> the tilde character () is mis-handled;
hrm.  By the \url{} directive ?

Anyhow, being confused by what you're saying, here's what's special
about tilde in TeX:

The ~ character is TeX's non-breaking space.  You can obtain a ~ accent
on a letter, e.g. n, by writing \~n or \~{n} and, in the second form,
you can use \~{} to give \~ nothing to put its accent on, so it gives
you a ~ character, of sorts.

There may also be something like \tilde somewhere in TeX's huge
vocabulary of defined names, but I don't know it.

However, the problem with \url{url} may be that the \url command does
some weird things to its arguments which make a mess of the results.
The answer in such a case would be to fix the definition of \url ...
anyone tell me where the relevant definition is in a .sty file or
similar and I'll see what I can do to it.  LaTeX is infinitely flexible,
albeits internals nearly unmaintainably ugly.