[Doc-SIG] some ideas for reStructuredText & document model

David Goodger goodger@users.sourceforge.net
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 22:35:58 -0500

What's this? Garth the yes-man? Strange days.

>> - Render footnote references as superscripts without "[]"?

> This is where you start wanting to use XHTML/CSS.

My HTML Writer uses CSS1 extensively, but only HTML 4.01. Is XHTML support
ready for prime time?

>> - Make footnotes two-way, GNU-style? What if there are multiple
>>   references to a single footnote?
> Ha! I told you that'd happen! :)

Did you? And did you have any useful suggestions at the time? ;)

>> How to represent entities in the text though? Unicode?
> ë and friends?

No, I think not, unless the character processing is done by the Writer.
If we have to represent esoteric characters in the doctree, Unicode
will probably be the medium. But that's a decision for another day.

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