[Doc-SIG] Translating sample programs in documentation

Xuan Wu fromwheretowhere.service at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 13:08:10 EDT 2018

> You're misunderstand me.  It's not reason I'm against trying it on
> docs.python.org.
> My main point is it's not proposal from working Chinese language team, while
> implementing it (language switcher) requires significant efforts to
> docs.python.org
> maintainer.

IMO the language switcher for sample programs is not a pre-condition or 
blocker for translating programs, but more like a nice-to-have feature, 
but like I said before we'll know better after getting feedback from 
users when they actually try out the translated version.

> I recommend you to host translated document on somewhere like Github pages.
> We have it for testing, see this:
> * https://python-doc-ja.github.io/py36/
> * https://github.com/python-doc-ja/py36
> You can try translating code before implement language switcher.
> PEP 545 requires 100% translation of bugs.html, tutorial, and library/functions.
> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/#add-translation-to-the-language-switcher
> By having your own host, you can test your translation and get feedback
> without waiting that milestone.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion and references.
>>> To build official language team, you meed to read PEP 545.
>>> https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/
>> According to "New Translation Procedure", could I sign up as a single-person
>> team for now, and look for teammates during the way?
> Hm, if we accept you as single person team, what should we do when other
> Chinese team proposing us?
> I recommend you to start looking teammate and trying some translation
> before sign up team.

Though I'm still not clear about the criteria to start the official 
team, I'll let you know the progress of translation, and see when it's 
good time to sign up.

I appreciate all the feedback and open discussion.

Best regards,

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