[Doc-SIG] Russian translations for Python docs

Кристина Миронова abckristinaa at gmail.com
Fri May 10 07:50:33 EDT 2019

Hi all!

Learning Python docs I discovered that there is no Russian translation in
free access.
I tried to find language group or project, related to translation Python
docs on Russian, but found only some separated sites with translated parts
of docs left unfinished. It looks like they worked alone...

I'm not experienced developer and this is my first step to working with
open source projects.
I will be glad to contribute to the project and make Python docs more
available for those who don't know English well yet. I want to try to
attract to project people from educational site where I learn and a couple
other community after I understand how does it work.

I already read PEP 545 and join Transifex project.
Could you, Julien, create a RU repo on github? I think this repo is
important place to let other people know that russian language group is

Also, I have some questions:
1) Not sure what is the mentioned "bugs.html" - pls give me a direct link?
2) I would like to clarify PEP 545 rule about "100% of tutorial". Is it
exactly must be a tutorial, no other part (e.g. "Language Reference")? I
only ask because I already have some parts of Language Reference
translated. Maybe it will be considered as interchangeable?

Have a nice day!
Best regards,
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