[docs] French translation of the documentation

Claire Revillet grenoya at zarb.org
Mon Sep 17 19:12:28 CEST 2012

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this mailing-list, so i'll present myself before asking my 

My name is Claire and i'm a member of the francophone association for 
the promotion of Python (afpy). As part of my activity in afpy, i'm 
working on the translation in french of parts of docs.python.org .

Maybe it's not the good place to ask, but i could not find another 
"maintained" place for them:

For now, i'm translating on pootle.python.org. I'm wondering if the site 
is actually maintained and more precisly if the english sources are 
up-to-date. What makes me wonder is this email: 
but the doc-sig ML seems dead :/

My other point is: this pootle is a great idea that permit us to 
translate. good! but where is going our work ? Was there something 
envisaged to host the translated pages when the pootle was created ?
For what I can see, nothing is planed to put them on the official 
website (i could find no language selection widget).
The hosting problem could be solve by hosting the translated pages on 
the afpy website (which makes sense as providing french documentation is 
part of our role), but maybe a protocole has been prepared for the 
extraction from pootle and rebuilding the translated docs ? We have 
extracted the .po files, but we don't know what to do with them.

If someone has any idea/hint for us, you're welcome

And thank you for the great job you're doing on the english documentation.

Claire Revillet

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