[docs] [issue23116] Python Tutorial 4.7.1: Improve ask_ok() to cover more input values

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Sat Jan 3 13:18:03 CET 2015

Carol Willing added the comment:

@amylou Thank you for submitting this documentation suggestion about the Python Tutorial.

This tutorial section, 4.7.1 Default Argument Values, tries to show that a function can have multiple input arguments which may be given default values.

While the suggestion to use lower() does offer more robust input handling, it also adds some complexity to the example by introducing another function to a possibly new user.

I do believe that the 'ask_ok' function could be improved by renaming the 'complaint' argument to something more positive, perhaps 'reminder'. I would also recommend replacing the error message 'uncooperative user' to something with a softer tone, perhaps 'invalid user response'.

@amyluo If you are interested in working on documentation, section 6 of the Developer Guide is a handy resource (https://docs.python.org/devguide/docquality.html).

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