[docs] [issue25523] Correct "a" article to "an" article

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Sat Oct 31 10:52:37 EDT 2015

Emanuel Barry added the comment:

> In Doc/library/smtplib.rst "a" is replaced to "an" before a word starting with consonant: SMTP. Is it correct?

One of the peculiriarities of the English language is that, in front of acronyms, you have two different ways to decided which to use between "a" and "an" - first (and probably what you thought), is to think of what the acronym means (or which letter it begins with). The other way, which Martin probably used, is to use what would sound be if it was said out loud, and "An ess-emm-tee-pee" sounds better overall.

In other words, both work, and it's down to personal preference. However, if we decide to use "an" here for this reason, it should (IMO) remain consistent across all of the documentation. I've only briefly looked over the patch as I have to head out soon, but I wanted to make this point anyway.

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