[Python Edinburgh] Meeting 'Minutes' - August 2010

Mark Smith mark.smith at practicalpoetry.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 13:04:05 CEST 2010

The meeting last Tuesday went well! Eight of us met up at Bert's Bar. They have
a live band from 7.30 every Tuesday night, which was good - just a bit loud for
our purposes, so after eating we moved across the road to Teuchters, which was a
bit quieter. This worked well, so we plan to stick with this, unless there are
any complaints!

** Next meeting: Tuesday 28th September, Bert's Bar, 6.30pm **

There was no formal agenda, but the following things were discussed:

The future of the group

We had a discussion about what the group could organise in future:

* Remain as a drinking club.

  This was unanimously agreed. It seems we all quite like a beer with our geeky

* Use the mailing list to support each other in our day-jobs -- for technical
  questions and recruitment.

  Met with general enthusiasm. Feel free to mail the list if anything comes up!

* Organised Hack Sessions

  This would be a daytime (or early evening?) meet up with the aim of supporting
  an open source project. The suggestion had a generally positive response.
  I'll send information about this in a separate email, as this one got
  too long!

* Organise technical talks.

  Response was generally positive, but was considered difficult to organise, and
  there was a fear that we'd arrange a talk and few people might come. If anyone
  plans to talk at EuroPython next year (I do, vaguely), I may try to organise a
  practise run before that, and see how it goes.

* Run a Python Dojo.

  There was a talk about this at Europython, and it seemed pretty cool. Again,
  the response was positive, but we're going to put it on the backburner,
  and perhaps revive it if the group gains a more active following.

Other than that, my memories are quite fuzzy, so I'll leave this for the group
to digest. Any feedback of any kind welcome!


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