[Edu-sig] Stop the insanity -- no more case sensitivity discussion!

John Glossner glossner@pobox.com
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 11:06:53 -0500


> It should be a time where the ideas of a Jeffrey Elkner or the
> environmental activist from Appalachia, or the many others who struggle
> with the impossibility of computer programming get heard. Instead, the
> only forum with that kind of opportunity has been stolen by computer
> language developers who are concerned about teaching their
> five-year-olds to program!!

Clearly, you need to define "what everyone" is and the
goals of this sig. If you wish to limit it to some
age group, fine. Just state so and I will unsubscribe.

By the way, I am serious about teaching my 6/8/10 year
olds to program. I am not a language developer and
I could care less about case sensitivity.

John Glossner
signing off from here