[Edu-sig] Split the edu-SIG?

Jim Harrison jhrsn@pop.pitt.edu
Sun, 06 Feb 2000 12:26:15 -0500

on 2/6/00 10:24 AM, David Scherer at dscherer@cmu.edu wrote:

> 1.  Lesson planning, evangelism, course content creation.
> 2.  Tool improvements, such as IDE enhancements, specialized libraries,
> frameworks for problem domains, and, less significantly, future changes to
> the language itself.

Crossover discussion between these two groups is essential. If the list is
split, it needs to be done in such a way that the groups are not isolated
from each other. Perhaps a weekly summary of important issues discussed on
each list could be posted to the other.

> 4.  At least right now, the traffic on the list is much too high for anyone
> without procmail and a threaded mail reader.

At least in my hands the download times have not been particularly long, and
anyone with a POP or IMAP client that supports mail sorting rules should be
able to deal with the message numbers.

> 1.  Is anyone else interested in seriously discussing new or enhanced Python
> libraries and tools to make Python more usable in educational settings, or
> in a specific curriculum?


Jim Harrison
Univ. of Pittsburgh