[Edu-sig] Classes and learning (Was:Age groups)

Gerrit Holl Gerrit <gerrit@nl.linux.org>
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 17:32:25 +0100

Ulf Engstrøm wrote on 949908378:
> I think mostly the second one, that makes most sence for me. But when we 
> then here the opinions from others; Gerrit thought it was hard even with 
> Python, but did however get it, and others that got it immediately from any 
> OO-language.

It depends on the person.

> I believe that with the right way of teaching it anyone can understand it 
> (left or right-brained, and btw I have to say I think most ppl here are 
> left-brainers, but don't flame me over this one)

What does right-brained or left-brained mean?

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