[Edu-sig] Future of CP4E after CNRI?

Art Siegel siegel@eico.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 11:00:50 -0400

>Hmmmmmm, perhaps The Conspiracy has decided to put all its
>eggs in the Squeak basket.

Which is of course true, and why I must now communicate from an
undisclosed location.

>>But I really do think Python is a fun ...

There's that word again.  Fun.  It keeps cropping up
spontaneously in the Python world, by grown-ups earning

Guido writes -

>>You have no idea how many closed-doors decisions went on at CNRI.

Kirby called me a Kremlin watcher as I tried to decipher clues as to
what was going on behind the scenes.

It might be counter-intuitive to expect that it would be accomplished by
'going corporate', but based on recent posts by Guido and Tim it does seem
to me that there is a refreshing openness developing.

We are at least being told when that there are things that they are
not currently in a position to talk about.

As to Python and CP4E, I have nothing particular to contribute at the
moment - other than a prediction. Which is that Python makes too
much sense as a learning language to not ultimately have a signficant
impact in the educational arena. How, when and by whom is all that remains
to be seen.