[Edu-sig] Future of CP4E after CNRI?

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 08:21:17 -0700

>There's that word again.  Fun.  It keeps cropping up
>spontaneously in the Python world, by grown-ups earning

Good sign.  Comedy is eternally present in Python culture.

>As to Python and CP4E, I have nothing particular to contribute at the
>moment - other than a prediction. Which is that Python makes too
>much sense as a learning language to not ultimately have a signficant
>impact in the educational arena. How, when and by whom is all that remains
>to be seen.

I agree with this analysis, plus the point made by Tim Peters
that no corporate power is holding us back.  Maybe it's just
that dot.com people are somewhat spoiled and all expect to 
retire rich before age 35.  They responsibility to educate
coming generations gets lost in this need to get rich quick.

All the necessary tools have been provided; we're surrounded 
by an embarassment of riches (free resources, easy access to 
a global readership).  Those who choose to whine about Guido
"not doing enough" get my vote for "least likely to succeed
at making a difference re CP4E".


PS:  I likewise appreciate the more forthcoming and open 
discussion of these matters by principals at BeOpen vs. 
the more closed-mouth chapter at CNRI.