[Edu-sig] How best to publish?...

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Sat, 13 May 2000 15:56:44 -0700

>In order for this to be possible there needs to be a commonly used
>format for publishing this type of material!

I suppose -- but sounds like one of those elusive holy 
grail type goals.  DocBooks sounds expensive/proprietary,
so that eliminates it as a candidate in my book.  If we're
really wanting to make user-friendly materials, we don't
go with a proprietary format.  And just because its called
XML doesn't make it non-proprietary, as any business can
customize its own tags for inhouse consumption.  It can 
take a lot of work to translate between tag sets.

>Not all teachers have the know-how or even the time to do 
>these things.

I know, but I'm not interested in encouraging the status
quo here.  We're liberating ourselves from mass-publishing
and getting back to the days when teachers _source_ 
curriculum, aren't just passive consumers of stuff put
together by others.  If you don't source curriculum 
(which includes editing/recombining what you get from 
others), you're probably not a teacher, at least in my 
book (but probably have the potential, if the school was
willing to let you really do the job).