[Edu-sig] Teaching Middle-School Math with Python

Jeffrey Elkner jeff@elkner.net
08 Oct 2000 18:55:13 +0500

 Hi All!

This is a *VERY* exciting discussion!  I have three students this year
who will
be creating educational materials aimed at the 5th to 7th grade
curriculum as
an independent study project.  I've already contacted an elementary
school science
coordinator about this.

We plan to develope python materials that will work with and enrich the
existing cirriculum. All three of these students have recently joined
the list,
so in addition to expressing my enthusiasm for the discussion, I'm
testing to
see if James, Donald, and Ryan are paying attention ;-)

jeff elkner
yorktown high school
arlington, va

> Fred --
> I think your post hits the nail on the head as to what the
> CP4E initiative is all about -- and by extension this e-list.
> As for "pre-algebra", that's a little tricky, as any Python
> function def is likely to have variables -- even the simplest.
> In my posts to the Math Forum, I'm chatting with middle school
> teachers about ways to phase in Python.
> For example: http://mathforum.com/epigone/math-teach/pilfrowhel
> I've appended an excerpt (these topics of prime versus 
> composite numbers, greatest common divisor, lowest common 
> multiple, often make a first appearance at the middle 
> school level -- or even earlier):